Pay Per Click.

Google, Bing, Facebook and LinkedIn paid marketing to achieve instant results, carefully tracked to improve performance.

Need to increase sales? Talk to the experts about pay-per-click (PPC) with Google AdWords, Bing, Facebook paid marketing.
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AdWords: A high return for a low investment

Make it easier for potential customers to find your products and services on Google with Adwords. Cotswold Web can help you:

  • Be discovered by anyone looking for services like yours on Google
  • Track enquiries so you know what return you’re getting on your investment
  • Daily budget put in place
  • Build up highly targeted campaigns
  • Continually revise and improve your campaign
  • Nurture your winners / exclude losers

Find a new audience on Bing

Bing has over 20% of the search engine market share in the UK, so it pays not to forget it, especially if you’re looking to reach an older audience. Cotswold Web will:

  • Set up and run targeted ads for you
  • Track enquiries so you know you’re reaching the right customers
  • Help you get on the first page of Bing on ALL devices
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Lost website visitors?

If visitors have disappeared before buying, or bought one thing then vanished, we can help bring them back!

Follow past visitors around the web with your adverts

Re-target people who didn’t buy the first time around

Get your ads seen across over 2 million websites

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Conversion tracking: 

the Key to success

  • Keep an eye on enquiries and campaign performance minute-by-minute with a 24/7 dashboard
  • See how many visits and calls you’ve had and where they’ve come from
  • We’ll focus on the areas delivering the most calls, form fills and orders
  • Stop wasted budget, deliver results with confidence

What do we offer?

We consider your entire online marketing process - then start with the low hanging fruit to achieve the best "bang for your buck". This will then be added to a long term campaign to achieve more sales, more money and ultimately a great long term relationship.

Carefully hand crafted landing pages to make sure you convert! Not just stunning design, also built to achieve results. We design, research, split test, improve and optimise on a continual basis to help your business beat the competition. 

Why choose us?

Trained specialists with expert knowledge

Real-time reporting so you can track performance easily

Dedicated to getting results for your business 

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